23rd June 2021

25 sofa styles to match your living room

25 sofa styles to match your living room

Contemporary Sofas

ercol Marinello Sofa & Chair Collection

Pictured: ercol Marinello Sofa & Chair Collection

Contemporary style sofas enjoy a simple design, combining smooth textures and crisp, clean lines. They take inspiration from different time periods and their versatile design can be easily complimented with rugs, throws and other home accessories.

Perfect for:  elegant and sophisticated living rooms, void of clutter.


Chesterfield Sofas

Parker Knoll 150 Collection - Wycombe

Pictured: Parker Knoll 150 Collection - Wycombe

Boasting both comfort and class, the Chesterfield is thought to have originated in the early eighteenth century and was first commissioned by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. It features a deep buttoned back, comfortable seat cushions and often has scroll arms.

Perfect for:  traditionally styled living rooms and period properties.

Mid-Century Sofas

Parker Knoll Sophie Chair

Pictured: Parker Knoll Sophie Chair

Adding a subtle sense of drama to a living space, mid-century sofas are a throwback to 1950s post-war design. With their striking silhouettes, the popularity of mid-century style has surged in recent years, offering a minimal and streamlined design with narrow arms and a low back.

Perfect for:  retro or Scandinavian-inspired living spaces.



Parker Knoll Classic - Amersham Snuggler Chair

Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Amersham Snuggler Chair

Perfect for cuddling up with your loved one or as a spacious nook for one, Loveseats were originally designed to accommodate the wide, full skirts of fashionable ladies. They come in all styles, from modern to classic and are sometimes referred to as a 1.5 seater sofa.

Perfect for:  couples and smaller rooms, or a larger alternative to an armchair.

View snugglers >


Cabriole Sofas

Featuring an exposed wooden frame with gently curving s-shaped legs, the cabriole sofa is a very traditional and elegant style of sofa popular during the first half of the 18th century. Back cushions are not a feature of traditional cabriole sofas, but can be added for extra comfort.

Perfect for:  period properties with an authentic traditional interior style.


Chaise Lounge

Whether you’re relaxing, reading or napping, the chaise long is designed for one person to stretch out on, although they also provide comfort while sitting upright. Translating from French to ‘long chair’, a chaise long is structurally the same as a sofa but with the backrest at only one end.

Perfect for:  lounging in style.

Tuxedo Sofas

Timeless and contemporary all at once, tuxedo sofas have arms and backs that are the same height. With its distinctive boxy design, buttoned back and sharp lines, the tuxedo sofa style is synonymous with the suit it's named after.

Perfect for:  sleek, contemporary interiors in style-conscious houses.


Camelback Sofas

Tetrad Harris Tweed Taransay Midi Sofa

Pictured: Tetrad Harris Tweed Taransay Midi Sofa

The elegant camelback sofa is named for its distinctive tightly upholstered arched or ‘humped’ back. Some feature a single hump, some a double hump, while others may display small dips or a barely curved back. Its formal style with high-rolled arms exudes effortless charm and timeless grace.

Perfect for:  classic and elegant homes, particularly for those in need of firmer back support.


Modular Corner Sofas

Modular sofas are sometimes called ‘sectionals’ and are made up of several parts or sections. These sections can be arranged to a size and configuration of your choice, and usually come with an attached chaise or footstool.

Perfect for:  large living rooms and entertaining spaces.


Lawson-style Sofas

Parker Knoll Classic - Oakham

Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Oakham

Comfortable and classic, the Lawson-style sofa is characterised by its simple profile, loose back pillows and three cushion seats. Versatile in its design, this sofa can be dressed up or down as required, and have arms that are rolled or squared.

Perfect for:  contemporary living spaces.


Bridgewater Sofas

Duresta Lansdowne Sofa & Chair Collection

Pictured: Duresta Lansdowne Sofa & Chair Collection

With its low profile, tailored skirt and low arms set back from the frontmost part of the sofa, the traditional Bridgewater is simple and classic in appearance. You can customise the style with the number of cushions - three is more traditional, while two cushions is more casual and relaxed.

Perfect for:  those who want comfort, without sacrificing traditional style.


Sleeper Sofas

Helson 2 Seater Sofabed with Upgrade Mattress

Pictured: Helson 2 Seater Sofabed with Upgrade Mattress

Sleeper sofas come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. From sofa beds to futons, sleeper sofas can be turned into an extra bed when required and then folded away, back into a sofa, to be used as seating.

Perfect for:  when your in-laws come to town or your friends swing by for the night.

View sofabeds >


Divan Sofas

Divan sofas have existed since the late 16th century, but still provide style and comfort as well as providing additional storage. Commonly used for both sitting and sleeping, a divan sofa is perfect for overnight guests, offering cushioned seats for support and comfort.

Perfect for:  smaller homes where additional storage comes in handy.


Low-Seated Sofas

Collins & Hayes Miller Corner Unit

Pictured: Collins & Hayes Miller Corner Unit

Although usually associated with minimalism and postmodernism, low seated sofas can also work well in more traditional rooms. With the seating close to the floor, you’ll be able to unwind and kick back in your living room, and invite your guests to do the same.

Perfect for:  kicking back and relaxing, while oozing style.


Pallet Couches

The trend for upcycling and repurposing wood is still in full swing and can look great while being kinder to the environment. Creating a pallet sofa produces a totally unique piece of furniture which you can paint with your favourite coloured wood treatment or paint.

Perfect for:  eco-conscious DIYers with a unique sense of style.


Corner Sofas

G Plan Firth Corner Sofa

Pictured: G Plan Firth Corner Sofa

Available in all materials, styles and sizes, a corner sofa can really optimise your living space while bringing amazing comfort to your family and guests. Corner sofas can be left-handed or right-handed, U-shaped or L-shaped - whatever configuration best suits your space.

Perfect for:  maximising your living space and providing plenty of seating.

View corner sofas >


Traditional Sofas

Parker Knoll Classic - Burghley

Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Burghley

With traditional features such as scroll arms, turned feet and buttoning, traditional sofas combine comfort with timeless elegance. Compliment your traditional sofa with a matching footstool or armchair, maybe adding some comfy scatter cushions to complete the look.

Perfect for:  traditionally styled living rooms and period properties.

Classic Sofas

Parker Knoll Classic - Burghley Armchair

Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Burghley Armchair

Classic sofas have a timeless design that can add a touch of elegance to your home. Using the very best materials, such as luxury fabric and leather coverings, a classic sofa can add a touch of class to both contemporary and traditionally-styled dwellings.

Perfect for:  a timeless style that won’t date.

Recliner Sofas

Celebrity Woburn 2 Seater Recliner Sofa

Pictured: Celebrity Woburn 2 Seater Recliner Sofa

Recliner sofas come in all shapes and sizes, from armchairs to two, three or even four seaters. To recline, the backrest tilts backwards while the front becomes a raised footrest. The reclining function can either be electric or operated manually with a lever.

Perfect for:  unwinding in pure comfort.

View recliner sofas >


Industrial Sofas

Duresta Connaught Sofa & Chair Collection

Pictured: Duresta Connaught Sofa & Chair Collection

When it comes to industrial style and design, it’s all about exposed bricks, metals and wood – nothing that would make a particularly comfy sofa! Luckily, leather sofas make a perfect accompaniment to industrial décor, creating an authentic and cosy atmosphere.

Perfect for:  relaxed but stylish interiors.


Glamour Sofas

Duresta Trafalgar Sofa & Chair Collection

Pictured: Duresta Trafalgar Sofa & Chair Collection

Chic and sophisticated, glamourous sofas draw inspiration from classic furniture styles as well as more modern trends. Combining stylish metallics with sumptuous and luxurious fabrics like velvet, they are elegant, desirable and invitingly comfortable.

Perfect for:  fashionistas who adore lavish style.


Scandi Sofas

Ercol Marino Chair

Pictured: Ercol Marino Chair

Born in the early 20th century, Scandinavian or Nordic style uses warm woods and textured natural textiles against bright, neutral walls and floors. Scandi style sofas are simple, fresh and functional featuring clean lines, neutral colours and wooden legs.

Perfect for:  those who prefer to keep clutter and fuss to a minimum.


Velvet Sofas

Add some shine to your living space with a velvet sofa. The classic, rich fabric enjoys a soft and sumptuous pile that is perfect for sinking into. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles, from traditional, retro, contemporary or classic.

Perfect for:  luxurious interiors.


Track Arm Sofas

Parker Knoll 150 Collection - Hoxton

Pictured: Parker Knoll 150 Collection - Hoxton

Featuring straight and square arms, a track arm sofa enjoys a clean silhouette with straight lines. Their compact design makes them ideal for flats or smaller homes, as more traditional style sofas tend to take up extra space due to their plush rolled arms.

Perfect for:  modern homes, particularly where space is at a premium.


Leather Sofas

Himolla Cumuly Brent Sofas & Chairs

Pictured: Himolla Cumuly Brent Sofas & Chairs

Available in many styles and sizes, leather sofas can lend a certain elegance to a room, often appearing sleeker and more high-end than fabric sofas. Leather sofas are durable, lasting for decades if cared for properly and they are very easy to clean.

Perfect for:  those who value durability and low maintenance.

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2nd June 2021

Create the ideal space to work from home

Create the ideal space to work from home

A lot has changed this last year in response to the coronavirus pandemic. From exercise routines to shopping habits, so many of us have had to adapt to a new normal. But arguably one of the most seismic shifts has been in the world of work.

With the government urging employees to work from home in response to the pandemic last year, daily office tasks, meetings and workday stress has taken place in bedrooms and kitchens up and down the country. Working in the same space you spend your evenings and weekends has changed how people view their homes, with dedicated office rooms and workspaces becoming more important to buyers and renters*.

From home office desks and workstations to the cabinets and storage to tidy away paperwork at the end of the day, Old Creamery Furniture have a selection of home office furniture to help you create the dedicated, stylish workspace you need.

View office furniture>


Office Desks

Get productive at home with one of our beautifully designed home office desks in a wide range of styles and finishes. From industrial to traditional desks, and all made from the highest quality timber and materials, these stylish office desks will keep you productive while looking great in your home.

View office desks>

Office Chairs

Offering optimum comfort and support so you can stay focused all day, our home office chairs feel as good as they look. Perfect with one of our home office desks. 

View office chairs >

Filing Cabinets

Our range of filing cabinets will store away files and documents and can be handy place to organise your stationery.

View filing cabinets >

Home Office Ranges


ercol Treviso Desk

The Matthew Hilton designed ercol Treviso desk brings function and design to a beautiful desk. Available in oak or walnut and sits well with the ercol Butterfly chairs.

Shop ercol Treviso desk now >


Lisbon Oak Home Office

This contemporary shaker style home office range is constructed from solid oak with beautiful warm tones. 

Lisbon Oak

Shop the full Lisbon Oak range now >


Raffles Dark Home Office

With an authentically-aged feel, the Raffles home office range is exclusively constructed from reclaimed timber to make a real impression whether in a period property or a modern home.

raffle home office furniture

Shop the full Raffles range now >

Shop our full range of home office furniture available with 0% interest free credit.

*Research conducted by estate agent Savills

26th May 2021

8 personality types and their perfect sofa match

8 personality types and their perfect sofa match

At the Old Creamery, we have a wide range of sofas and armchairs to choose from. Help find yours with this handy guide that matches eight personality types with the perfect sofa collection.

The Perfectionist

Striving for clean lines and symmetry, you loathe clutter. Too much furniture, décor, or even sentimental possessions can spoil the beautiful and orderly aesthetics you yearn for.

 Collins and Hayes Lavinia sofa and chair collection

The sofa range for you

The elegant Collins and Hayes Lavinia sofa and chair collection is carefully handcrafted with comfort and style in mind, and the slip cover can be removed for cleaning.

Shop the Collins and Hayes Lavinia Sofa and Chair Collection >

The Cuddler

You love nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with your family and sharing those special moments.

 Collins and Hayes Miller Sofa and Chair Collection

The sofa range for you

Deep comfort and fine craftsmanship give this Collins and Hayes sofa a smart yet casual appeal you'll love coming home to.

Shop the Collins and Hayes Miller Sofa and Chair Collection >

The Socialite

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a night in with friends, you always want your guests to have a good time.

Duresta Connaught sofa and chair collection

The sofa range for you

With its wide, stylish design the Duresta Connaught sofa and chair collection is perfect for hosting friends, and the high-quality material will last through many years of use.

Shop the Duresta Connaught Sofa and Chair Collection >

The Minimalist

Minimalism is not just a design style but a lifestyle, and there is no room for clutter in your home or your life. Simplicity is key and less is more.

 Marinello sofa and chair collection

The sofa range for you

The clean lines of the stunning Marinello sofa and chair collection are complemented by the crafted solid oak timber legs.

Shop the ercol Marinello Sofa and Chair Collection >


The Movie Lover

For you, every night is movie night! When you can’t get to the cinema, you love nothing more than settling in to the latest epic at home with a big bowl of popcorn.

 Himolla Cumuly Cygnet Sofas and Chairs range

The sofa range for you

The Himolla Cumuly Cygnet sofa and chair range comes with the option of a manual "gas sprung" reclining action or an electric reclining action – perfect for lounging back to watch the latest blockbusters.

Shop the Himolla Cumuly Cygnet Sofas and Chairs range >

The Traditionalist

You take inspiration from the past, appreciating traditional values and customs. Your home boasts a traditional style that is both classic and comforting.

 Parker Knoll Devonshire collection

The sofa range for you

Combining elegant and timeless design with traditional styling and ultimate comfort, the Devonshire range will fit in effortlessly with your traditionally styled home.

Shop the Parker Knoll Devonshire collection >

The Hostess

As part of your open-door policy, you like to take good care of your house guests and offer them a comfortable bed for the night. 

Helson Sofa and Chair sofabed

The sofa range for you

The Helson sofa and chair collection offers a wide range of sofa beds that create a comfortable sleeping space for overnight guests.

Shop the Helson Sofa and Chair collection >

The Bookworm

Your home is your happy place and you love nothing better than snuggling up and getting lost for hours in a good book.

 Service update Parker Knoll 150 Collection Wycombe Snuggler

The sofa range for you

Our collection of Snuggler chairs use a range of super smooth tactile fabrics to snuggle up on, perfectly styled for getting comfy.

Shop our Snuggler Chairs Collection >

Our wide range of sofas and chairs are available to buy online or in store at the Old Creamery Furniture showrooms located in Yeovil and Taunton, Somerset.

View all our sofas and armchairs >

15th February 2021

Types of bed

Types of bed

We all have a standard picture in our mind that pops up when we think about a bed. When we start exploring what we want in more detail there are a diverse selection of beds with different looks, characteristics and comfort levels. We’ve profiled the following bedroom centrepieces below.

Divan bed

The most traditional bed on the market. Practical, functional and comfortable.

Divan beds consist of two main parts, which are connected by a support. The base is constructed with a wooden bracket material and is placed on the floor directly. The bed frame is nearly 3 feet high with a lift cover and provides ample space to store your bedroom items in an orderly fashion. Divan beds are very popular, practical and functional, and are also appreciated for their robustness and comfort. There is a wide selection of designs and styles of divan. You can find different types of storage such as drawer storage, sliders, zipper and link storage, etc. One thing to check is whether the headboard is included in your purchase or sold separately. Traditionally, divans were the bed of choice before other frame models such as leather and metal beds became widely available.

Divan Beds

View our range of divan beds >

Sleigh bed

Not just for Christmas

A sleigh bed is a contemporary bed shape famous for its bold statement. Sleigh beds are designed with beautiful, slender curves and a sleek appearance which is sure to bring a unique  style to your bedroom. Find the right furniture to complement your statement bed HERE. Sleigh beds are available in various materials such as wood and metal, but the most popular are leather. They are a perfect choice for modern or modern styled houses and can help to enhance the beauty of your room.

Sofa bed

Multifunctional set for modern life and more comfortable than you might think

A sofa bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that plays the role of a normal sofa during the day and can be converted into a bed at night. There has been huge improvement of sofa beds in recent years with a greater focus on ease of conversion and comfort. Sofa beds are appreciated by consumers because of their different functions, such as storage space for surplus household items. People who live in small apartments find sofa beds an ideal product for dual functions. They make an ideal guest bed, especially when equipped with a comfortable mattress! You can also put a sofa bed in your nursery if the room does not have enough space for a normal bed and a sofa.

Sofa Beds

View our range of sofa beds

Futon bed

A sofa bed's cousin from the continent

A futon is a cushioned mattress that is used for sleeping and can be folded in the closet during the day, or back to a frame that serves as a seat. It is a traditional Japanese bed that saves you space and allows you to use your room for other purposes during the day. The modern improved shape of the futon comes with a wooden or metal frame to carry the futon mattress and hold it above the floor. The futon bed can be used as a sofa for your living room, study, guest room or wherever you need it, and it can be converted into a bed for a comfortable sleep. Futons are available in various colours with removable covers, so that they harmonise well with the existing colour scheme of your home.

Bunk Bed

Need to save space?

Bunk beds are designed specifically for more than one person and come in a variety of styles and designs. Bunk beds consist of 2 layers of bed frames, each frame being placed on top of the other frame and supported by a ladder. The main purpose of a bunk bed is to spare you horizontal space and accommodate more than one person. Bunk beds are also used in hostels, summer camps, student halls of residence and army barracks. Bunk beds are often used in children's bedrooms where they offer space-saving luxury. You will find a huge collection of bunk beds for children with different, amazing properties and styles. Wooden bunk beds are popular and white seems to be the latest fashion trend. Most bunk beds also have the option of splitting into 2 single beds, which is a great option later in the future when space is no longer a problem.

Cabin beds

Set sail in your child's room

Cabin beds are from the bunk family, but they have a single bunk bed with storage cabinets under the frame. Cabin beds are specially designed to help you manage the clutter in your children's bedrooms and save space. Cabin beds are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles and often have extendable beds that can pull out to be a separate or double bed, perfect for having visitors stay. See trundled beds for more like this.

Loft Bed

Only up top

Loft beds look similar to a bunk bed, but have only one bed frame on top, supported by iron or wooden bars, and offer free space under the bed frame, which can be used in different ways. For example, you can set up a small sofa or futon or chest of drawers and a pair of stools or even a desk. You will also find an extensive range of loft beds with integrated storage solutions and many other features such as a built-in desk, futon sofa, etc. Bunk beds are very functional and convenient for places with limited space.

Trundle bed

More space solutions

A trundle is also designed to provide intelligent space-saving solutions for your home. It is a movable bed that can be fixed under a different bed frame. A trundle is a pair of beds; one bed frame is slightly smaller than the other as it has to be rolled under the upper single bed. Twin beds can be split into two separate beds if required. Trundle beds are becoming very popular as they are considered the most functional piece of furniture to save space in bedrooms. Trundles are also known as Hurly beds or Truckle beds. Trundle beds can also be used as day beds, guest beds and bunk beds for children.

Cot bed

Secure sleep

A cot bed is specially designed for babies and very young children. A cot has a high limit at the edges to provide maximum protection for babies from falling out of bed. Baby cots are also  designed to be decorated with dangling toys and rattles. Baby cots are usually made of a variety of materials, mostly wood or metal. Because the cots are deep, they provide a safe place for small children to play and jump around within the boundaries. Modern cots also have removable panels so that the base bed can be used for longer as soon as a child is able to stay on the mattress at night and go out safely on their own.

Four-poster bed

Grand statement beds

The four-poster bed is a traditional antique bed made at the beginning of the 16th century. The bed is made of high quality wood and decorated with engraved artworks. Four-poster beds contain four long wooden poles that support the upper shade, which provides a cosy shelter for the bed. For a royal touch, put a four poster bed in your bedroom.

Canopy bed

The traditional full cover bed

A canopy bed resembles a four poster bed with the same antique look and four vertical wooden poles at each of the four corners to support the upper umbrella / panel. What makes it different is the decorative fabric that is placed over the top and covers the bed from all sides. Different fabrics can be used in a four poster bed such as mesh, chiffon and silk. Canopy beds are rarely used in traditional homes today as they are huge and not practical for bedrooms where space is a problem. Furthermore, these beds do not fit modern or contemporary themes. However, if you have got the room this is a serious investment piece.

Half-Tester beds

Traditional or ancient?

The family of four-poster beds also includes half test beds. What distinguishes them is that they have low feet, unlike traditional canopy beds. These beds are not particularly popular these days but might make a comeback in a modern hotel if it fits the theme.

Platform bed/ Panel bed

Breathe easy with this design

Platform beds or panel beds have a frame constructed with wooden slats to support your mattress without the need for a box spring. Platform beds are famous and admired for their simplicity and convenience and are mainly used in the USA. The wooden slats provide a flexible support for your mattress. In addition, it ventilates your mattress to avoid unpleasant odours. This way the mattress stays in good condition for years. Plated beds are not that heavy and therefore easier to move. Panel beds are available in a variety of styles to fit well with any type of interior decor. Platform beds are also available with storage solutions much like a divan.

Storage Beds

Did we mention storage?

As the name suggests, storage beds contain intelligent storage solutions for consumers. The storage bed is usually covered in real or artificial leather and offers plenty of space to store your belongings. Storage beds are available in a variety of styles. Some storage beds offer plenty of space under their slatted base and can be easily lifted up with an Ottoman gas lift. You can simply place your pillows, blankets and sheets in the predefined space, leaving your bedroom free. Some storage beds have large drawers on either side of the frame, where you can store linen, covers and accessories in an orderly fashion. Lack of space is a common problem nowadays, and storage beds are an intelligent solution to this problem. Storage beds are not just functional but also very sturdy and comfortable to provide a great night’s sleep. With space-saving luxury, storage beds are now available in many different styles and can add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

Beds With Storage

View our range of beds with storage >

Day beds

Not just for night time

Daybeds resemble sofa beds or sofa beds in their appearance, but in reality serve as single or guest beds. Day beds actually play a multifunctional role; they can serve as a couch for sitting and relaxing and as a bed for a peaceful sleep. You can also use a daybed as a recliner, lounger or as the popular divan. Day beds are typically constructed with high quality wood or metal material. Some day beds are also wrapped in fabric or leather to make them look more attractive. Day beds come in a variety of designs and colours that not only offer fantastic comfort, but also enhance the beauty of your home.

Adjustable bed

Move to your desire

Adjustable beds can be adjusted in different positions to perfectly support your body. The bed offers you the possibility to raise or lower the foot and the head depending on the desired level of comfort. Adjustable beds are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes, but have also been used in homes in recent decades, as they are considered ideal due to their adaptive function, which provides relief from a range of conditions. If you suffer from muscular stress and back pain, an adjustable bed can ease the pain and stress by transforming into a comfortable posture according to your body requirements.

Murphy bed

Do you need floor space?

Murphy beds are folding beds designed specifically to cope with space constraints. You can store a Murphy bed in a vertical position in the corner of your bedroom or even in a cupboard. This way you can easily put other things in your room during the day. Murphy beds are an ideal piece of furniture to save space through intelligent use of vertical space. This is a perfect space-saving bed for smaller homes and flats. Some Murphy beds also contain storage units under the base that can be used when pulled vertically against the wall. As space constraints are a major problem nowadays, the popularity of Murphy beds is increasing constantly.

Air bed

Don't fall flat

Air mattresses are inflatable sleep mattresses that offer you the utmost comfort. Air mattresses are made of PVC or textile-reinforced urethane plastic. In the beginning, air beds were quite expensive, but now they are available at a very low price. Air mattresses are used as healing pillows against various disorders such as back pain, psychological stress, depression, etc. Air beds can be difficult to maintain, as a small cut leads to air leakage, so be sure to get some mending materials.

Water bed

Floating sleep

Waterbeds were originally developed for medical therapies, but now they are also in demand for domestic use. Waterbeds are good for back problems and other sleep disorders and can even help alleviate asthma attacks. A waterbed provides sufficient support for the critical points of your body, resulting in fewer twists and turns while sleeping.

View our range of beds >

12th February 2021

Living room essentials

Living room essentials

An essential checklist to make your living room dream come true.

With so many options for furniture, accessories and decorations, it's not always easy to know how to fill your space. In addition, depending on your preferences and aesthetics, everyone will want something different to make your home feel like home. And with spatial constraints, some living rooms can accommodate more furniture than others.

Nevertheless, there are some things that we find essential that can and should integrate into almost everyone's living room or lounge. From living room furniture to entertainment consoles, accessories and decorations, this checklist helps you decide what to consider for your own home.

Living Room Furniture

Furniture is by far the most important part of your living room. Furniture occupies the largest space and is therefore often the first thing that strikes a person when they go into the living room. Although there are many different configurations, we believe that some living room furniture is simply essential for any home. The staples:

living room furnitureThe Sofa

The essential centrepiece requires its whole own section, but there is more to a lounge than what you slouch on. However, you can see some of our stunning sofas here.

View sofas and chairs >

The Coffee Table

People love coffee tables because they provide a central space for glasses, magazines, television remote controls and other paraphernalia. However, some prefer a more open living environment and opt for side tables instead of a coffee table. This is really a matter of personal preference, but we think coffee tables as well as side tables are all possible to include if you have the space.

Coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes, and you need to take your sofa and the size of the room into account when making this decision. Large, long sofas are usually best suited to long oval or rectangular tables, while modern sofas or large wrap-around sections can contain a square or round table. In addition, a round coffee table can "soften" a room with many hard, square lines.

Size is an important factor in choosing a coffee table. If your table is too high or too short, it interacts awkwardly with your sofa, creating functional and stylistic discrepancies. To play it safe, choose a coffee table that is the same height or slightly higher than your sofa. To feel more relaxed, try a slightly lower table, certainly if you don't mind it being a secondary footstool!

Functionality and style are the two main factors to consider when choosing a material for your coffee table, usually influenced by your other ‘housemates’. So if you have small children, perhaps glass shouldn't be on the list. If you don’t usually use coasters, maybe steer away from beautifully-finished wood. Be sure to choose a coffee table material that not only looks and feels good alongside the other pieces in the living room, but also makes sense functionally.

View coffee tables >

lamp tablesSide Tables

In addition to a coffee table, side tables can be a nice, seamless way to add a surface to a room. Especially in larger living rooms with longer sofas, side tables are great because they provide space to store drinks, etc. Consider coordinating the colours and style of your living space with your coffee table and choose a height that matches your sofa and chairs. Matching nests of tables offer an easy option.

View side tables >

Other Chairs and Recliners

Accented chairs and loungers are great ways to offer your guests more seating in a living room. They should complement your sofa, so consider making that bigger purchase first. Some sofa chairs are included in the set with your sofa, so choose this option to make life easier. Alternatively, adding chairs is a good option, as long as you match their style to that of your sofa. Also be sure to plan in advance where you could place the chairs. You don't want your living room to feel too cramped, but conversely, adding chairs is a great way to fill additional negative space.

View sofas, chairs and recliners >

TV Consoles and Entertainment Centres

In most households, the television is the focal point of the living room. From TV stands to replica fireplaces to full entertainment centres, the ways you can accommodate your TV can be overwhelming. We recommend choosing a media console that fits in well with the room and offers all the necessary functions at the same time. Remember to choose a unit that fits your TV and consider whether or not to mount your TV on the wall, and if so on a boom arm and at a comfortably high level. If you're looking for a more hidden look, try a closet - where your TV is in a closet with doors that hide it when not in use. For living rooms that are craving space, try a corner unit.

View TV consoles and entertainment centres >

Lamp Tables

Lamp tables are slightly different from a side table as they have a sole purpose. Depending on the lamp they may be positioned behind or adjacent to a chair. Height is a key factor and as such the base may be heavy to prevent movement if knocked into. Typically whilst having a sole purpose a telephone may be placed next to the lamp on this table also.

View lamp tables >


Sideboards have recently been making a strong comeback, and interior designers are increasingly realising their renewed appeal. But they have moved away from the box like form and are now bright, unobtrusive and functional living room furniture with plenty of opportunities to decorate them with accessories.

The storage is the first attraction of the modern sideboard. With drawers, shelves and compartments behind doors, they are great storage for everything from toys to paperwork. But it is their size and grandeur that have made them an integral part of the modern home. Standing at about hip height, they are a beautiful addition to any room, and can be used to display photos, flowers, potpourri and large candles.

The decor that you have at home can be easily continued in your sideboard. A bare wood sideboard has a solid, traditional look that blends in beautifully with almost any setting, especially the darker woods, which radiate a real elegance - especially with colourful objects on top. Painted wooden sideboards are also proving popular, and it's no secret why when you get up close and personal. The smooth lines and glossy finishes look amazing in a modern living room, where they can stand out or blend in depending on how you want them to light them. Size is an important factor too so make sure it doesn't overpower the room.

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Chests, Cupboards and bookcases for extra storage

Do you need a hiding place somewhere for all your possessions? There are a wide range of chests and cupboards to make sure you've got plenty of storage space in your home.

From classic ottomans to modern cabinets with drawers, you can keep your home neat and tidy while adding a touch of unique style to your living space. Chests of drawers and cupboards in the living room are available in a variety of woods, materials, colours, sizes and styles to suit your taste and decor.

Alternatively if you want your wide reading collection on display interspersed with ornaments and memorabilia then display shelving units and bookcases built into or onto one display wall will complement your room rather than looking like a large study.

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Living Room Accessories


Furniture is important, but it's not everything. Choosing the right accessories will take your living room to the next level. Accessories can add an enormous amount of style and functionality without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions:


We believe plants should be in every living room. Apart from refreshing the air by adding oxygen, plants look good and fit almost any piece of furniture. Map out your plant choice to available light from windows in the room before you buy and check what conditions they like. Always adhere to maintenance and guidelines for the species you choose.


Depending on the type of floor, you may want to add a soft rug to give your living room a cosy feel. Carpets help make rooms feel warm and inviting, making them a great addition to living rooms!


Curtains are known to be the secret ingredient for a perfectly put together room. We recommend using curtains to add character to your living room. Try a bold colour or pattern that doesn't clash with the rest of the decor, but livens up the space.


Candles are an accessory that can give a living room a warm feel without costing much money. They can be placed on coffee tables, side tables or fireplaces and even without lighting they give class and warmth. Be sure to get a suitable holder so that the furniture is not damaged with the hot wax.


Throwing blankets are an essential accessory in the living room. There's nothing nicer than getting comfortable, watching a movie and reaching for that favourite blanket. And by using colour schemes, throws help to accentuate your sofa and bring life into your living room.


Pillows are comfy, but accent pillows can add additional style. Adding throw cushions to sofas and chairs can be very beneficial for people with back problems and can make any sitting situation comfortable. In addition, accent cushions can give an otherwise dreary sofa or chair a dynamic flair. You would be surprised how much character can be added to a living room by simply adding a few well-chosen cushions.


Photographs and artworks connect a living room. No one likes empty walls, so you should invest part of your budget in beautiful wall art.


Similar to artwork, you don't want a completely blank wall so a decorative mirror can add style and also make your living room appear larger than it is.

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26th January 2021

Sofa Style

Sofa Style

There are approximately 18 different sofa styles, some of which come with several different variants. Find out all about the different sofas you can get, including their characteristic design features. 

There are many types of sofas out there - where to start?

For families you can’t beat a modern or sectional sofa as they are hard wearing, but if that doesn’t meet your aesthetics then there are lots more to choose from.

1. Chesterfield

The Chesterfield sofa is well known for its quilted or spotted style. Some have the tufted design only on the back and arms, while others also incorporate it on the bench section. It remains a popular style with current sofa trends.

History of the Chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield sofa is believed to have been originally commissioned by Lord Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield in the 18th century. The Earl wanted a piece of furniture on which a gentleman could sit upright, so that he could sit comfortably. 

Pictured: Duresta Connaught Grand Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

2. Lawson-style Sofa

This sofa style is designed to provide comfort. Its characteristic design element is a backrest made up of cushions separated from the frame. The reason for this construction is to create a softer, upholstered sofa with large cushions that are not tensioned within the sofa frame. It is still a popular sofa design today. You can buy a Lawson-style sofa in many sizes, colours and materials.

History of the Lawson sofa

The Lawson sofa is a relatively new design, the first to be designed in the early 20th century for financier Thomas W. Lawson. Thomas Lawson wanted a sofa which was modern in design and comfortable. Apparently, this is a derivative of the tuxedo sofa, a style which cover later in this article.

Pictured: Collins & Hayes Lavinia Sofa & Chair Collection

Lawson-style Sofa

3. Mid-century Modern

From the 1930s to the 1970s, modern furniture was prevalent and now it is making a comeback. This sofa style is characterised by minimalist design and clean lines. There are many variations of this type of sofa and combined with the right interior design it can look fabulous.

History of the Mid-century Modern sofa

The Modernism design movement, which was popular from the mid-1930s to around the mid-1970s, epitomised elegance, functionality and simplicity. In her 1984 book "Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s," Cara Greenberg became the first to officially name this style.

The style of Modernism in mid-century America can be traced back to earlier popular European styles such as the Bauhaus from Germany, which also influenced the American international style. When German designers emigrated to the United States during and after World War II, they brought their Bauhaus style with them. Moreover, the booming postwar economy created a class of affluent Americans who began to escape the inner cities and develop a unique suburban lifestyle. Their newly built homes required coordinated furnishing. Technological progress has also enabled the production of new materials such as plastics, plexiglass and lucite. Modern sofas and other mid-century furniture have clean lines and traditional and non-traditional materials, sometimes used in the same piece. It was not unusual to see the same basic style of the modern sofa from the mid-century in a selection of vinyl, wool or velvet.

Contrasting blacks, whites and colours from neutral to bold formed the simple geometric designs found in mid-century modern furniture. In addition, the newer materials facilitate care and maintenance unlike older styles that needed plumping several times a day.

Pictured: Ercol Marino Chair

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

5. Bridgewater

Casual and comfortable, the arms of a Bridgewater sofa are slightly curled to the side and are lower than the sofa backrest. Also known as birch arm or English three-seater, the Bridgewater sofa features a gently curled backrest, low, slightly curled arms, soft padded cushions and a distinctive tailored skirt that covers the legs. However, some contemporary pieces feature exposed legs. 

Bridgewater is a traditional, casual and subtle sofa that does not overwhelm the rest of the furniture in the room. Like the English roll-arm sofa, the Bridgewater comes from the UK and is a good choice for those who want to preserve their furniture with a dust jacket. Typically, Bridgewater sofas can easily accommodate three people. Although this extremely comfortable sofa is especially popular as a casual sofa, it is versatile enough to fit into any decor. A neutral fabric allows bold pieces of art or other significant pieces to remain dominant. Velvet or rayon fabrics can complement a more traditional environment. Nail-head trim can also give a Bridgewater sofa a formal touch. A well-constructed Bridgewater sofa has high-quality springs in the interior to ensure comfort.

Pictured: Duresta Lansdowne Sofa

Bridgewater Sofa


6. Camelback sofa

The main design feature of the Camelback sofa is a higher backrest in the middle, which falls in a continuous line into the arms of the sofa. There are also designs with two bows on the back. This type of sofa is also known for its exposed wood legs and often exposed wood on the back and arms. While a classic design, you can purchase contemporary camelback sofa designs which are more comfortable than the antique items.

History of the Camelback Sofa

The Camelback sofa, with its characteristic curved back, is a product of the late 17th century British furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. Chippendale was the first style of furniture to be named after its designer, not a reigning monarch. The English aristocracy came to prefer the camelback sofa for their homes, mainly because of Chippendale’s craftsmanship in a modified rococo style. Characteristics of this style included elegance, lightness, and emphasis on natural curves and ornaments.

The elegant camelback sofa, named after its camel humps, has tight upholstery, a shaped bench, high, curled arms for support and exposed legs. Authentic English camelback sofas feature claw-and-ball feet in the Queen Anne style. There are no separate back pillows. The traditional design of the Camelback makes it an ideal choice for placement between windows in a formal living room. Modern Camelback sofas often have one or two humps instead of three. Many contemporary camelback sofas are covered in bold, graphic prints that give an updated look to the traditional sofa.

Pictured: Tetrad Harris Tweed Sofa

Camelback sofa


7. Cabriole

The hallmark of the convertible sofa is a continuous, equally high back and arms. Often the arms bend inward and form a long line from arm to arm. Some designs contain ornate elements. However, more often (and especially in modern convertible sofas), ornate elements replace more comfortable elements, such as more cushions throughout the sofa. Cabrio sofas are also known for exposed wood panelling on the back and arms. However, there are contemporary Cabriole sofas in a classic convertible design without wood cladding.

8. Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are still popular, particularly in today's massive primary bedrooms and hotel suits. Some chaise lounges have one arm, while others have no arms. (The chaise lounge is also extremely popular as a terrace furniture, which is typically found by the pool). 

History of the Chaise Lounge

Many believe that the first type of chaise longue was of Egyptian origin and was a combination of a chair and a day bed. Around 3000 BC the Egyptians built their primitive salons from palm stalks, which they secured with pieces of cowhide or cord. Later, wealthy Egyptians would lean back on wooden lounges. In ancient Greece, it became popular to recline on day beds instead of sitting at a table to drink or read. This piece of furniture consisted of layers of draped fabrics and pillows for headrests. The ancient Romans also used a kind of chaise longue, called a lectus, to lie down during meals and banquets. The chairs were made of wood and fitted with comfortable cushions.

The words "chaise longue" are derived from the French "chaise longue," which means "long chair." Chaise longue is simply a sofa in the shape of a long chair that can support itself structurally. The French chaise longue became popular in the 15th century. In the French Rococo era, the lounge was a social status symbol and was built from rare, expensive materials.

Modern chaise longue sofas are seen as a decorative addition rather than a necessary piece of furniture in the house and are usually found in a bedroom or other room where relaxation is the order of the day.


9. Sleeper Sofas

There are many sofa beds, ranging from pull-out sofas to futons and day beds to bunk bed sofa combinations. The most popular form of the sofa bed is the pull-out sofa bed. They have improved enormously compared to 30 years ago. Nowadays, sleeping beds are well designed and offer guests a great sleeping solution. A pull-out sofa bed differs from a futon in that the back of the sofa remains upright, while the sleeping surface folds under the belly of the sofa, from where it is stored and pulled out.

Sleeper Sofa

Convertible Sofas A pull-out sofa differs from a pull-out bed in that it has no mattress. Depending on the quality of a mattress with a pull-out bed (the quality range is considerable) this can be more or less comfortable than a pull-out bed.

Futons The futon is a sofa and bed combo. Generally, the backrest of the sofa folds down or unfolds to create a large, flat, padded sleeping surface. Similar to the futon, the sofa bed can also be folded down, consisting of pieces that fit together to form a large flat sleeping surface. The mattress consists of the cushions of the sofa. The convertible-style sleeper is often a feature of section sofas.

History of the futon sofa/bed

The history of futon goes back to seventeenth-century Japan; the word futon is derived from the Japanese word for bed linen. The Japanese stuffed cotton and wool and spread their bedding on rice straw or tatami floors, because the floor was so light, the mattresses had to be light and were therefore made of cotton with long stacks. The mattresses were even portable and could be rolled up and stored when they were not needed. At first, only the rich could afford the futon. However, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution and cotton production in the 17th century, all social classes gained access to bed linen.

American soldiers returning from the Far East after World War II described the comfort they experienced sleeping on the Japanese floor mattress. To accommodate the growing interest in such an exotic type of bed, American furniture manufacturers created a piece of furniture that combined both bed frames and mattresses according to certain Western preferences.

Daybeds While it might not be cool to ask guests to sleep on a lounger, it can be a great place to put your feet up for a kip. The couch bed looks like a chaise longue, except that the couch has ends or back on each side. The problem with many loungers is that they do not offer much room for tall people, unless you do not mind putting your legs up.

Bunk Bed Sleepers There is no question that children love them because children love heights as much as anything that changes. The bunk bed berth is a great solution for cabins and cottages or any residence where additional beds for children are needed.

Pictured: Helson 2 seater sofa bed with regal mattress 


10. Loveseat Sofas

The loveseat sofa is a generic term for a sofa for two people. Often, they are part of a living room set. Like sofas, love seats come in many styles and can even be placed as a seat upon the end of a bed.


11. Divan

A divan is a sofa without a backrest. They must therefore be placed against a naked wall, against which cushions can be placed for a padded backAlthough they are not the most practical, because they are limited to where they can be placed, they offer a certain versatility in terms of pillow placement. You might like the look of a backless sofa (i.e. a padded bench) on the wall.

12. Settee Sofa

A settee is a broad chair. The nearest version today is the loveseat, but historically sofas have been narrower than deck chairs. They are also much less comfortable, as they are designed like a wide dining chair with arms, but they have an old-world charm. Indeed, they are suitable for beautiful foyer pieces.

13. Recliner Sofas

The recliner sofa is a fairly new type of couch but has gained popularity as it is great for watching TV and reading. Although not the best choice for a formal living room, they are perfect for family rooms and media rooms. In fact, with a little carpentry you can build a platform in a TV room and get two couches to create a fine media room for the home.

14. Tuxedo Sofas

A tuxedo sofa has high arms and the backrest cuts crosswise. It may not be the most comfortable, because it has no reclining angle, but it is a classy looking sofa with straight lines. The tuxedo design is also applied to deck chairs and chairs.

15. Low-Seated Sofas

Another particular type of sofa is a low-seated sofa that comprises several styles and can be used in different rooms such as living room, family room, bedroom and just about any room for lounging. The typical seating height of a sofa is between 17 "and 18." A low-seat sofa is one where the seat is lower than 17. "

16. Pallet Couches

Pallet furniture is popular and most people build it themselves, however, you can also buy some pallet furniture such as pallet sofas.

A pallet sofa is often built against the wall, with the back being the wall against which the cushions are placed. However, it is also possible to make a pallet sofa with its own backrest, so that it is slightly inclined, so that it is more comfortable than against the wall.

17. Sofa Loungers

What is a sofa lounger? It is a sofa with chaise longue design. It has been around for a while, but now it has its own concept. Basically, it is a sofa with an extension for putting up the feet.

a. Full sofa lounger

The full sofa is like a sofa bed, but you can still sit up in bed mode.

b. Multi-sofa lounger

The multi lounger is a sofa with more than one lounging extension.

c. Single sofa lounger

This is very common and is often referred to as a cut sofa. In reality, it is a sofa with a single chaise longue extension.


18. Corner Sofas

The section sofa is a multi-part sofa. It can be arranged in a range of configurations. The more parts, the more configurations. Ideally, each section you buy contains devices that connect the parts to prevent them from separating.

Due to the massive and growing popularity of corner sofas, there are many styles, designs and plush materials to choose from. Some are huge and can encompass large rooms, while others are much smaller. Two common configurations are L-shape and U-shape, to the left or right dominance.

History of the corner sofa

The sectional sofa became popular and developed in its present form in the 1950s, but corner sofas originated in the Victoria era. Early Victorian era corner sofas were primitive being two or more sofas that were pushed together to form a larger sofa. Corner separative sofas are great because they’re easy to place differently.

Pictured: Collins & Hayes Miller Corner Unit

Corner sofa

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15th December 2020

Clever Storage Solutions

Clever Storage Solutions

Having a small space does not mean you have to compromise on style and we have a wide range of practical furniture offering a stylish solution to your storage needs. So get the most out of your home, whatever its size, with these space-saving, clever home storage solutions.

Storage seats

The Bergen Hall Bench

The Bergen Hall Bench

The hallway is one of the most under-utilised rooms for storage in our homes, as it’s often only used for through-traffic. But a bench with built-in storage is an ideal place to store away bags, boots, and shoes and a handy place to sit down to put shoes on!

Beds with storage

The Avon Oak King Size Bed

For bedrooms that are short on space or to avoid adding more bulky furniture into a bedroom, a bed frame with handy drawers tucked neatly underneath could be the perfect solution. Use them to store away shoes, bedding or seasonal clothing and maximise the space in your bedroom.

Wine Storage

The Borg Wine Cabinet

The Borg Wine Cabinet

Wine bottles should be stored on their side and not standing up because the cork should be kept moist by the wine. If the cork dries out, air can seep into the bottle which can lose the wine its flavour and richness. These beautiful units offer the perfect place to store away your favourite bottles and keep them within easy reach!

Nested Tables

Bristol Oak Nest of Tables

Bristol Oak Nest of Tables

Our range of nested tables are perfect for when your guests arrive, serving as mini tables for drinks and nibbles. Available in different shapes, styles and sizes, the handy smaller tables can be stored neatly away underneath the big table until they are next needed, keeping floor space clear.

Extending Tables

Bergen 1.8m Extending Table

Bergen 1.8m Extending Table

Whether your children have flown the nest or you simply love to entertain, an extendable dining table is a great choice to accommodate extra guests when they come to your home. When those extra seats aren’t needed, these tables can be folded down to a more manageable size to create a spacious feeling in your dining area.

Storage footstools

G Plan Elliot Storage Footstool

G Plan Elliot Storage Footstool

We all need to put our feet up at the end of the day, but not in a messy room! Storage footstools are a great place to store away all the toys, DVDs and  blankets that can accrue in our living rooms. And, as well as providing useful storage space, these footstools can double up as an extra seat.

11th November 2020

Dining tables for the perfect Christmas dinner

Dining tables for the perfect Christmas dinner

Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family and, if you’re thinking about treating yourself to a new dining table set, you’ll want something stylish and practical that can be enjoyed for years to come. The big day will be here sooner than you think so we’re sharing our top tips and advice to help you choose the perfect dining table for Christmas… and all year round.

Consider an extending dining table

Accommodate your extra guests with an extendable dining table. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles, from the contemporary, rectangular Bristol Oak Extending Dining Table to the country, circular Fleur grey painted round dining table. Some extend by just one leaf, while others extend to seat the whole extended family!

Bristol Oak Extending Table

Bristol Oak Extending Table

Extends from 132cm to 198cm

Fleur Grey Painted Round Extending Dining Table

Fleur grey painted round dining table

Extends from 110cm to 145cm

Venjakob Round Extending Dining Table

Venjakob Round Dining Table

Extends from 120cm to 170cm

ercol Romana Large Extending Dining Table

ercol Romana Large Extending Dining Table

Extends from 210cm to 275cm


Best of all, when those extra seats aren’t needed, these tables can be folded down to a more manageable size and create a more spacious feeling in your dining area.

Dine in fine style

From elaborate turned legs to industrial reclaimed table tops, there are plenty of dining table styles to choose from. Match with sideboards and display cabinets – so you can carry the style across your whole dining area for a coordinated look.

Ercol Teramo

ercol Teramo

With its with gentle curves and tapered legs, the Ercol Teramo is a contemporary pale oak dining range inspired by the traditional Shaker style. Choose between two different styles of dining chair, for a casual or more formal look, and coordinate with a wider range of occasional pieces.

Fowey Painted

Fowey Painted Dining Range

Combining contemporary and classic design, the stone grey paint and limed oak surfaces of the Fowey Painted range looks relaxed by day yet effortlessly elegant for entertaining, especially when dressed up for Christmas with holly and ivy.

Soho Dining

Soho Dining Range

The combination of chunky iron legs and a mid-tone solid oak top certainly gives this Soho Dining range a stylish industrial feel. Crafted from solid European oak, this contemporary range has a selection of tables and sideboards, as well as coffee tables and a television unit available.

Ercol Windsor

Ercol Windsor

Made using traditional craft techniques and modern machining, the Ercol Windsor range features the beauty of displayed dovetail joints and iconic oval wooden handles. Choose an Ercol Windsor dining table and chair set to dine in real style this Christmas.

Complete your dining room with a coordinating sideboard, dresser or console table or add some contrast with contemporary touches, such as our elegant Ribbon End Table. The addition of a mirror can transform your dining space by increasing the amount of natural light cast across the room, as well as giving the impression of a larger space.


Take a seat

One of the challenges at Christmas can be finding that extra seating for your extra guests. We’ve got a wide range of seating available to make sure you’re guests are comfortable as they tuck into their turkey, from beautifully upholstered seating in a range of colours to classic wooden dining chairs and benches. Keep extra seating handy in your hall, study, spare room or bedrooms while they’re not in use, ready to bring out for those special occasions.


How to measure up

To help you visualise your table, place a sheet on the ground or place carboard boxes where the dining table will go. This can really help you to get a feel for the space you’re working with, and allow you to test spatial boundaries. Check out our full guide to measuring up. 


When choosing the shape of your dining table, consider the amount of people you want to seat as well as the shape of the room. The bigger the table, the more your guests will be restricted to conversations with the person next to them. With a rectangular table, however, there is the opportunity to chat to the people beside you and across from you. In smaller spaces, such as cottages or flats, a round table may be a better option. Not only does it make moving around easier, but it will create breathing space, helping the room to feel less crowded.


Besides how many people you want to seat, you also need to consider allowing enough space for people to pass comfortably around the table. To ensure you have adequate room around a dining table, we recommend that you leave a minimum of 35 inches (89cm) for clearance space from any nearby object, be it furniture, walls, doors or windows. This space should allow your guests to get up during a meal should they need to. However, for a more comfortable space around your dining table and a more elegantly proportioned room, we’d suggest allowing 45 inches (114cm).



Plan ahead for the perfect Christmas

Many precious memories are created around the Christmas dinner table, and the big day will be here sooner than you think! We have a wide range of beautiful dining tables and chairs in a range of styles to suit your home. So remember to order in plenty of time for Christmas!


Please check stocks online or contact us for most up to date delivery information.

10th November 2020

What size dining table? A guide to measuring up

What size dining table? A guide to measuring up

There is so much to consider when deciding what dining table to purchase. Your dining space plays host to intimate dinners, large gatherings, Sunday lunches with family and friends and inevitably financial meetings, school homework sessions and kids painting sessions on wet and windy winter days. 

If kitchens are the heart of the house, the dining space is definitely the head. There is a quick way to get started in two steps

  1. Measure the length and width of your dining room or dining space 

  2. Subtract 185cms from both the length and width

This gets a judgement on the magic number of 92cm clearance between table, other furniture and walls - enough for yourself and guests to move chairs away easily. 

So far so easy, but as highlighted there is much more to consider, for example your original space. Your dining space will likely have multi purposes, so versatility will always be a good starting point and an expandable table will be able to accommodate more. If you have a small or square space then a pedestal table might be a good choice and easier for close seating, conversations and Italian style dining. Alternatively oval tables might create that extra bit of room for manoeuvre. If you are in a tight spot, you could consider bench seating that can slide under the table when not in use and might suit families with younger children. Then tables could be slid into a corner when not in use.  

Style of eating, room and requirements all play a factor, but what is under the table and what surrounds plays an equal role, the space might be right, but the number of chairs also needs to be considered. Do you have a large family and honestly how much do you entertain? More chairs might create the right aesthetic, but what about sitting with a chair leg in the way? Does the sideboard the length of the table need to be in its current position just for a hot plate only used at Christmas?

Close seating might be fine for you, but a rule of thumb over the 92cm clearance is 61cm of space per the average adult. Therefore, you might want to consider the following:

  • To sit 4 people - a 122cm long table or 102-122cm diameter round table would be ideal

  • To sit 6 people - a 152-183cm long table or 152cm round table and might accommodate 8 in the round

  • To sit 10 or more - 234-305cm table would be best, consider table legs with your chosen style. 

Shop The Old Creamery’s wide range of dining tables and dining space collections here.


9th November 2020

Our Popular Bedroom Furniture Ranges

Our Popular Bedroom Furniture Ranges

Oak furniture is a very popular part of our offers. With 30 years of heritage, we have a background of selling high quality solid wood bedroom furniture. Now we offer an extensive choice of oak furniture for the bedroom, from traditional country cottage to modern chic.

Instore and online, we offer wide ranges of oak bedroom furniture, painted bedroom furniture, and other items for the bedroom, including bedside cabinets, chests of drawers, wardrobes and wooden bed frames.

Looking to take bedroom furniture home today? Then have a look at our top 5 collections.

Countryside Oak Bedroom Furniture

Reliable, sturdy and value for money. What more could you ask for? Our Countryside Oak Bedroom Furniture and Lite range are the perfect rustic furniture collections for your guest bedrooms. Create the ideal sleeping space with a solid oak bed frame, accompanying blanket box and bedside tables, wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Lisbon Oak Bedroom Furniture

With all wood furniture there is a phrase that denotes quality - dovetailed. Our Lisbon Oak Bedroom Furniture Collection has plenty of this. One of our best-selling ranges not only has traditional techniques but comes in a wide mix of sizes and options to choose from. With special offers currently available you’ll need to be quick if you want this excellent range in your bedroom by the end of the month.

Fleur Grey Painted Bedroom Furniture

Brushed metal handles, soft grey paint and that perfect colour combination of washed oak, the Fleur Painted Bedroom range is perfect to accompany your new wooden or Karndean flooring. If you like a touch of wood but not too much this is the bedroom collection for you. The washed oak is just the right colour to not over power the clean grey finish. Check out the range online or instore today. 

Raid Oak Bedroom Furniture

Sometimes rustic needs a few finer touches. With elements of veneers combined with solid oak this will give you that smooth medium colour finish for your desired new bedroom collection. Trust the Old Creamery to deliver and professionally install across the South West. Hard wearing and reliable, something that can be said of both this bedroom furniture as well as our delivery team. 

Bristol Oak Bedroom Furniture

North American Oak, solid, stylish and great value for money. With veneered panels to create the perfect finish this Bristol Oak Bedroom Furniture is the perfect combination of oak with a modern finish. Bedside tables, blanket box, wardrobe, chest of drawers, make-up table, stool, mirror - the whole bedroom collection. The only thing to consider is what colour rug will look best.


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