Living Room Essentials

Living Room Essentials

An essential checklist to make your living room dream come true.

With so many options for furniture, accessories and decorations, it's not always easy to know how to fill your space. In addition, depending on your preferences and aesthetics, everyone will want something different to make your home feel like home. And with spatial constraints, some living rooms can accommodate more furniture than others.

Nevertheless, there are some things that we find essential that can and should integrate into almost everyone's living room or lounge. From living room furniture to entertainment consoles, accessories and decorations, this checklist helps you decide what to consider for your own home.

Living Room Furniture

Furniture is by far the most important part of your living room. Furniture occupies the largest space and is therefore often the first thing that strikes a person when they go into the living room. Although there are many different configurations, we believe that some living room furniture is simply essential for any home. The staples:

The Sofa

The essential centrepiece requires its whole own section, but there is more to a lounge than what you slouch on. However, you can see some of our stunning sofas here.

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The Coffee Table

People love coffee tables because they provide a central space for glasses, magazines, television remote controls and other paraphernalia. However, some prefer a more open living environment and opt for side tables instead of a coffee table. This is really a matter of personal preference, but we think coffee tables as well as side tables are all possible to include if you have the space.

Coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes, and you need to take your sofa and the size of the room into account when making this decision. Large, long sofas are usually best suited to long oval or rectangular tables, while modern sofas or large wrap-around sections can contain a square or round table. In addition, a round coffee table can "soften" a room with many hard, square lines.

Size is an important factor in choosing a coffee table. If your table is too high or too short, it interacts awkwardly with your sofa, creating functional and stylistic discrepancies. To play it safe, choose a coffee table that is the same height or slightly higher than your sofa. To feel more relaxed, try a slightly lower table, certainly if you don't mind it being a secondary footstool!

Functionality and style are the two main factors to consider when choosing a material for your coffee table, usually influenced by your other ‘housemates’. So if you have small children, perhaps glass shouldn't be on the list. If you don’t usually use coasters, maybe steer away from beautifully-finished wood. Be sure to choose a coffee table material that not only looks and feels good alongside the other pieces in the living room, but also makes sense functionally.

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Side Tables

In addition to a coffee table, side tables can be a nice, seamless way to add a surface to a room. Especially in larger living rooms with longer sofas, side tables are great because they provide space to store drinks, etc. Consider coordinating the colours and style of your living space with your coffee table and choose a height that matches your sofa and chairs. Matching nests of tables offer an easy option.

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Other Chairs and Recliners

Accented chairs and loungers are great ways to offer your guests more seating in a living room. They should complement your sofa, so consider making that bigger purchase first. Some sofa chairs are included in the set with your sofa, so choose this option to make life easier. Alternatively, adding chairs is a good option, as long as you match their style to that of your sofa. Also be sure to plan in advance where you could place the chairs. You don't want your living room to feel too cramped, but conversely, adding chairs is a great way to fill additional negative space.

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TV Consoles and Entertainment Centres

In most households, the television is the focal point of the living room. From TV stands to replica fireplaces to full entertainment centres, the ways you can accommodate your TV can be overwhelming. We recommend choosing a media console that fits in well with the room and offers all the necessary functions at the same time. Remember to choose a unit that fits your TV and consider whether or not to mount your TV on the wall, and if so on a boom arm and at a comfortably high level. If you're looking for a more hidden look, try a closet - where your TV is in a closet with doors that hide it when not in use. For living rooms that are craving space, try a corner unit.

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Lamp Tables

Lamp tables are slightly different from a side table as they have a sole purpose. Depending on the lamp they may be positioned behind or adjacent to a chair. Height is a key factor and as such the base may be heavy to prevent movement if knocked into. Typically whilst having a sole purpose a telephone may be placed next to the lamp on this table also.

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Sideboards have recently been making a strong comeback, and interior designers are increasingly realising their renewed appeal. But they have moved away from the box like form and are now bright, unobtrusive and functional living room furniture with plenty of opportunities to decorate them with accessories.

The storage is the first attraction of the modern sideboard. With drawers, shelves and compartments behind doors, they are great storage for everything from toys to paperwork. But it is their size and grandeur that have made them an integral part of the modern home. Standing at about hip height, they are a beautiful addition to any room, and can be used to display photos, flowers, potpourri and large candles.

The decor that you have at home can be easily continued in your sideboard. A bare wood sideboard has a solid, traditional look that blends in beautifully with almost any setting, especially the darker woods, which radiate a real elegance - especially with colourful objects on top. Painted wooden sideboards are also proving popular, and it's no secret why when you get up close and personal. The smooth lines and glossy finishes look amazing in a modern living room, where they can stand out or blend in depending on how you want them to light them. Size is an important factor too so make sure it doesn't overpower the room.

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Chests, Cupboards and bookcases for extra storage

Do you need a hiding place somewhere for all your possessions? There are a wide range of chests and cupboards to make sure you've got plenty of storage space in your home.

From classic ottomans to modern cabinets with drawers, you can keep your home neat and tidy while adding a touch of unique style to your living space. Chests of drawers and cupboards in the living room are available in a variety of woods, materials, colours, sizes and styles to suit your taste and decor.

Alternatively if you want your wide reading collection on display interspersed with ornaments and memorabilia then display shelving units and bookcases built into or onto one display wall will complement your room rather than looking like a large study.

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Furniture is important, but it's not everything. Choosing the right accessories will take your living room to the next level. Accessories can add an enormous amount of style and functionality without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions:


Depending on the type of floor, you may want to add a soft rug to give your living room a cosy feel. Carpets help make rooms feel warm and inviting, making them a great addition to living rooms!


Curtains are known to be the secret ingredient for a perfectly put together room. We recommend using curtains to add character to your living room. Try a bold colour or pattern that doesn't clash with the rest of the decor, but livens up the space.


Candles are an accessory that can give a living room a warm feel without costing much money. They can be placed on coffee tables, side tables or fireplaces and even without lighting they give class and warmth. Be sure to get a suitable holder so that the furniture is not damaged with the hot wax.


Throwing blankets are an essential accessory in the living room. There's nothing nicer than getting comfortable, watching a movie and reaching for that favourite blanket. And by using colour schemes, throws help to accentuate your sofa and bring life into your living room.


Pillows are comfy, but accent pillows can add additional style. Adding throw cushions to sofas and chairs can be very beneficial for people with back problems and can make any sitting situation comfortable. In addition, accent cushions can give an otherwise dreary sofa or chair a dynamic flair. You would be surprised how much character can be added to a living room by simply adding a few well-chosen cushions.


Photographs and artworks connect a living room. No one likes empty walls, so you should invest part of your budget in beautiful wall art.


Similar to artwork, you don't want a completely blank wall so a decorative mirror can add style and also make your living room appear larger than it is.

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12th February 2021

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