25 Sofa Styles To Match Your Living Room

25 Sofa Styles To Match Your Living Room

Contemporary Sofas

Contemporary style sofas enjoy a simple design, combining smooth textures and crisp, clean lines. They take inspiration from different time periods and their versatile design can be easily complimented with rugs, throws and other home accessories.

Perfect for:  elegant and sophisticated living rooms, void of clutter.

Chesterfield Sofas

Boasting both comfort and class, the Chesterfield is thought to have originated in the early eighteenth century and was first commissioned by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. It features a deep buttoned back, comfortable seat cushions and often has scroll arms.

Perfect for:  traditionally styled living rooms and period properties.

Tuxedo Sofas

Timeless and contemporary all at once, tuxedo sofas have arms and backs that are the same height. With its distinctive boxy design, buttoned back and sharp lines, the tuxedo sofa style is synonymous with the suit it's named after.

Perfect for:  sleek, contemporary interiors in style-conscious houses.

Modular Corner Sofas

Modular sofas are sometimes called ‘sectionals’ and are made up of several parts or sections. These sections can be arranged to a size and configuration of your choice, and usually come with an attached chaise or footstool.

Perfect for:  large living rooms and entertaining spaces.

Camelback Sofas

Tetrad Harris Tweed Taransay Midi SofaPictured: Tetrad Harris Tweed Taransay Midi Sofa

The elegant camelback sofa is named for its distinctive tightly upholstered arched or ‘humped’ back. Some feature a single hump, some a double hump, while others may display small dips or a barely curved back. Its formal style with high-rolled arms exudes effortless charm and timeless grace.

Perfect for:  classic and elegant homes, particularly for those in need of firmer back support.

Mid-Century Sofas

Parker Knoll Sophie ChairPictured: Parker Knoll Sophie Chair

Adding a subtle sense of drama to a living space, mid-century sofas are a throwback to 1950s post-war design. With their striking silhouettes, the popularity of mid-century style has surged in recent years, offering a minimal and streamlined design with narrow arms and a low back.

Perfect for:  retro or Scandinavian-inspired living spaces.



Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Amersham Snuggler Chair

Perfect for cuddling up with your loved one or as a spacious nook for one, Loveseats were originally designed to accommodate the wide, full skirts of fashionable ladies. They come in all styles, from modern to classic and are sometimes referred to as a 1.5 seater sofa.

Perfect for:  couples and smaller rooms, or a larger alternative to an armchair.

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Lawson-style Sofas

Parker Knoll Classic - Oakham

Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Oakham

Comfortable and classic, the Lawson-style sofa is characterised by its simple profile, loose back pillows and three cushion seats. Versatile in its design, this sofa can be dressed up or down as required, and have arms that are rolled or squared.

Perfect for:  contemporary living spaces.

Bridgewater Sofas

Duresta Lansdowne Sofa & Chair Collection

Pictured: Duresta Lansdowne Sofa & Chair Collection

With its low profile, tailored skirt and low arms set back from the frontmost part of the sofa, the traditional Bridgewater is simple and classic in appearance. You can customise the style with the number of cushions - three is more traditional, while two cushions is more casual and relaxed.

Perfect for:  those who want comfort, without sacrificing traditional style.

Cabriole Sofas

Featuring an exposed wooden frame with gently curving s-shaped legs, the cabriole sofa is a very traditional and elegant style of sofa popular during the first half of the 18th century. Back cushions are not a feature of traditional cabriole sofas, but can be added for extra comfort.

Perfect for:  period properties with an authentic traditional interior style.

Chaise Lounge

Whether you’re relaxing, reading or napping, the chaise long is designed for one person to stretch out on, although they also provide comfort while sitting upright. Translating from French to ‘long chair’, a chaise long is structurally the same as a sofa but with the backrest at only one end.

Perfect for:  lounging in style.

Sleeper Sofas

Helson 2 Seater Sofabed with Upgrade Mattress

Pictured: Helson 2 Seater Sofabed with Upgrade Mattress

Sleeper sofas come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. From sofa beds to futons, sleeper sofas can be turned into an extra bed when required and then folded away, back into a sofa, to be used as seating.

Perfect for:  when your in-laws come to town or your friends swing by for the night.

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Divan Sofas

Divan sofas have existed since the late 16th century, but still provide style and comfort as well as providing additional storage. Commonly used for both sitting and sleeping, a divan sofa is perfect for overnight guests, offering cushioned seats for support and comfort.

Perfect for:  smaller homes where additional storage comes in handy.

Low-Seated Sofas

Collins & Hayes Miller Corner Unit

Pictured: Collins & Hayes Miller Corner Unit

Although usually associated with minimalism and postmodernism, low seated sofas can also work well in more traditional rooms. With the seating close to the floor, you’ll be able to unwind and kick back in your living room, and invite your guests to do the same.

Perfect for:  kicking back and relaxing, while oozing style.

Recliner Sofas

Celebrity Woburn 2 Seater Recliner Sofa

Pictured: Celebrity Woburn 2 Seater Recliner Sofa

Recliner sofas come in all shapes and sizes, from armchairs to two, three or even four seaters. To recline, the backrest tilts backwards while the front becomes a raised footrest. The reclining function can either be electric or operated manually with a lever.

Perfect for:  unwinding in pure comfort.

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Corner Sofas

G Plan Firth Corner Sofa

Pictured: G Plan Firth Corner Sofa

Available in all materials, styles and sizes, a corner sofa can really optimise your living space while bringing amazing comfort to your family and guests. Corner sofas can be left-handed or right-handed, U-shaped or L-shaped - whatever configuration best suits your space.

Perfect for:  maximising your living space and providing plenty of seating.

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Classic Sofas


Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Burghley Armchair

Classic sofas have a timeless design that can add a touch of elegance to your home. Using the very best materials, such as luxury fabric and leather coverings, a classic sofa can add a touch of class to both contemporary and traditionally-styled dwellings.

Perfect for:  a timeless style that won’t date.

Traditional Sofas

Parker Knoll Classic - Burghley

Pictured: Parker Knoll Classic - Burghley

With traditional features such as scroll arms, turned feet and buttoning, traditional sofas combine comfort with timeless elegance. Compliment your traditional sofa with a matching footstool or armchair, maybe adding some comfy scatter cushions to complete the look.

Perfect for:  traditionally styled living rooms and period properties.

Pallet Couches

The trend for upcycling and repurposing wood is still in full swing and can look great while being kinder to the environment. Creating a pallet sofa produces a totally unique piece of furniture which you can paint with your favourite coloured wood treatment or paint.

Perfect for:  eco-conscious DIYers with a unique sense of style.

Velvet Sofas

Add some shine to your living space with a velvet sofa. The classic, rich fabric enjoys a soft and sumptuous pile that is perfect for sinking into. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles, from traditional, retro, contemporary or classic.

Perfect for:  luxurious interiors.

Industrial Sofas

Duresta Connaught Sofa & Chair Collection

Pictured: Duresta Connaught Sofa & Chair Collection

When it comes to industrial style and design, it’s all about exposed bricks, metals and wood – nothing that would make a particularly comfy sofa! Luckily, leather sofas make a perfect accompaniment to industrial décor, creating an authentic and cosy atmosphere.

Perfect for:  relaxed but stylish interiors.

Glamour Sofas

Duresta Trafalgar Sofa & Chair Collection

Pictured: Duresta Trafalgar Sofa & Chair Collection

Chic and sophisticated, glamourous sofas draw inspiration from classic furniture styles as well as more modern trends. Combining stylish metallics with sumptuous and luxurious fabrics like velvet, they are elegant, desirable and invitingly comfortable.

Perfect for:  fashionistas who adore lavish style.

Scandi Sofas

Born in the early 20th century, Scandinavian or Nordic style uses warm woods and textured natural textiles against bright, neutral walls and floors. Scandi style sofas are simple, fresh and functional featuring clean lines, neutral colours and wooden legs.

Perfect for:  those who prefer to keep clutter and fuss to a minimum.

Track Arm Sofas

Parker Knoll 150 Collection - Hoxton

Pictured: Parker Knoll 150 Collection - Hoxton

Featuring straight and square arms, a track arm sofa enjoys a clean silhouette with straight lines. Their compact design makes them ideal for flats or smaller homes, as more traditional style sofas tend to take up extra space due to their plush rolled arms.

Perfect for:  modern homes, particularly where space is at a premium.

Leather Sofas

Available in many styles and sizes, leather sofas can lend a certain elegance to a room, often appearing sleeker and more high-end than fabric sofas. Leather sofas are durable, lasting for decades if cared for properly and they are very easy to clean.

Perfect for:  those who value durability and low maintenance.

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18th June 2021

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