What size dining table? A guide to measuring up

What size dining table? A guide to measuring up

There is so much to consider when deciding what dining table to purchase. Your dining space plays host to intimate dinners, large gatherings, Sunday lunches with family and friends and inevitably financial meetings, school homework sessions and kids painting sessions on wet and windy winter days. 

If kitchens are the heart of the house, the dining space is definitely the head. There is a quick way to get started in two steps

  1. Measure the length and width of your dining room or dining space 

  2. Subtract 185cms from both the length and width

This gets a judgement on the magic number of 92cm clearance between table, other furniture and walls - enough for yourself and guests to move chairs away easily. 

So far so easy, but as highlighted there is much more to consider, for example your original space. Your dining space will likely have multi purposes, so versatility will always be a good starting point and an expandable table will be able to accommodate more. If you have a small or square space then a pedestal table might be a good choice and easier for close seating, conversations and Italian style dining. Alternatively oval tables might create that extra bit of room for manoeuvre. If you are in a tight spot, you could consider bench seating that can slide under the table when not in use and might suit families with younger children. Then tables could be slid into a corner when not in use.  

How many chairs do I need?

Style of eating, room and requirements all play a factor, but what is under the table and what surrounds plays an equal role, the space might be right, but the number of chairs also needs to be considered. Do you have a large family and honestly how much do you entertain? More chairs might create the right aesthetic, but what about sitting with a chair leg in the way? Does the sideboard the length of the table need to be in its current position just for a hot plate only used at Christmas?

Close seating might be fine for you, but a rule of thumb over the 92cm clearance is 61cm of space per the average adult. Therefore, you might want to consider the following:

  • To sit 4 people - a 122cm long table or 102-122cm diameter round table would be ideal

  • To sit 6 people - a 152-183cm long table or 152cm round table and might accommodate 8 in the round

  • To sit 10 or more - 234-305cm table would be best, consider table legs with your chosen style. 

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10th November 2020

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