Ideas For Smaller Bedrooms

Our bedrooms are multi-functional spaces – they are where we get ready in the morning and where we unwind at night. They are the place we sleep, the place we get dressed up, and the place we store our clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories.

A bedroom should be a peaceful retreat and a place where we can relax. But with so much stuff to store away, how do we keep our bedroom clutter-free and organised, especially when space is at a premium? In this article, we have some great tips and advice on how to lay out your bedroom to make the most of the space and maximise your storage.

Underbed Storage

Beds are often the most space-consuming pieces of furniture in the bedroom. But they also offer a great opportunity for extra storage space. In what would otherwise be wasted space under the bed, many divan beds lift from either the bottom or side of the base, giving you the space beneath your mattress to use as storage. Other divans offer underbed storage accessible via drawers, like the Sleepeezee Gel Choice range – a great storage solution if you’re tight for space. Choose from full-sized drawers or continental half-sized drawers, in various layout combinations. The Old Creamery  Normandy range of bedroom furniture offers gorgeous solid wood bed frames with underbed drawer space. And the Bergen bedroom and Avon Oak ranges offer beds with drawers that pull out at the end of the bed rather than the side. The Old Creamery Geneva range offers simple bed frames, with the option to add as many matching underbed drawers as you need. If space allows, always aim for your bed to be in the centre of the room, with the rest of your furniture positioned around it.


Tallboys offer a practical storage solution when floorspace is at a premium, offering slimline storage units that provide a handy place to store accessories, underwear, swimming costumes and more. Tallboys are great for smaller bedrooms because they make use of the vertical space in a bedroom, rather than using up valuable square footage. At Old Creamery Furniture, we have a wide range of tallboys, available in a variety of finishes, including natural oak that look beautiful in contemporary homes, or add a splash of colour with a painted tallboy in hues of grey, blue, cream and white.

Blanket Boxes

If you’ve run out of wall space, a wooden blanket box placed at the end your bed could be a practical solution to your storage problems. They are great for storing away blankets and bedding, or even clothes and accessories! With carefully constructed hinged lids, our gorgeous oak blanket boxes provide a subtle hint of rustic character in contemporary homes. Or why not add a splash of colour with painted blanket boxes in greys, blues, creams, and whites.


A narrow and compact single wardrobe can help maximise space in a small bedroom and free up floor space. In our range at Old Creamery Furniture, we have tall, narrow wardrobes that offer plenty of space for your clothes, as well as single-door wardrobes that include handy drawers and rails to store away your belongings in a neat and compact way. Ensure your wardrobe doors don’t open into the bed or any other piece of furniture so you can easily get your belongings in and out. If walkway space is limited in your small bedroom, consider a wardrobe that opens with sliding doors – rather than doors that open out into the bedroom’s floorspace. These maximise the space you’ll have to move around the room and keep your bedroom feeling more spacious. The large integrated mirrors on the Wiemann Berlin sliding door wardrobe will really help to create the illusion of spaciousness. In a compact bedroom, mirrors fitted to wardrobes in this way are incredibly useful. They make the space feel lighter and bigger, and are, of course, handy for checking out how you look.


On that subject, wall-hung and floor standing mirrors can completely open up a room giving the illusion of space and light in your small bedroom, as well as being a handy place to check your appearance. The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create. You’ll want to think about the angle of the mirror, and what part of the room you want to reflect. Placing a mirror opposite a window, for example, will bring both natural light and greenery into a smaller room.

The key to maximising space in a smaller bedroom is to think about how you can use every nook and cranny possible. It may help to store away winter clothes during the summer and summer clothes in winter. Put all your out-of-season clothes in bags and store away under the bed or in the attic. Keep your small bedroom as mess and clutter-free as possible to make the space a peaceful and relaxing haven for your to unwind in, as well as making getting ready in the morning a stress-free experience.