The story behind G Plan furniture

The story behind G Plan furniture

The story behind G Plan furniture

The story behind the big G, recognised throughout the UK.

In 1953, Donald Gomme set up his revolutionary new business, selling sofas, without matching chairs, originally called Gomme Plan and thankfully changes to G Plan, this was 55 years (and 2 World Wars) after his grandfather Ebenezer had established his upmarket cabinet company in High Wycombe in 1898. 

G Plan has had to undergo a couple of ownership changes, forced by world economic pressures, but is now one the biggest & most famous upholstery companies in the UK, typically producing 600 suites (set of sofas and chair) per week at its Melksham factory.

The current factory built in 2001 is purpose built for the modern upholstery they produce & the G Plan ethos remains the same to craft comfort & quality at real value for money.

Their famous logo instils confidence and serves as a reminder of the company's dedication to quality, which is backed by a 25 year frame guarantee.

The G Plan distinctive ergonomic design, blending form & function in it's iconic shaping, is a signature for comfort & support, often copied but never beaten.

G Plan is about old values, respect & reliability, the furniture is built to quality, not price, the frames carry a 25 year guarantee, whilst the springs are 'over strong' & the foam is 'very severe' grade, to be durable & comfortable. At G Plan there is a long serving, skilled & dedicated workforce, working comfortably in their own space. Fabrics are key, with soft handle chenille 1st choice and are sourced from the best mills in the world, with leathers from the finest tanneries.

G Plan have created brand loyalty, with customers returning again and again. Their core customer is proud to own a G Plan, and confident to recommend it to others. 
G Plan have been market leader for over 60 years.

One model in particular, the G Plan Malvern, has been in constant production since 1996, and still ranks in their top sellers. Their sales agent, Richard, has been selling G Plan to the South West of England for an unprecedented 43 years and is still full of enthusiasm, that tells you a lot.

The core values of G Plan remain, comfort (by design), build quality, skill, respect, trust, reliability & real value for money. G Plan customers can identify with these values, they are people who have sorted out their priorities.

The G Plan marketing strategy is straight forward:

G Plan are the clear market leaders of sofas and chairs, you are in safe hands with G Plan, and like your favourite jacket, great design never goes out of date.

More recently G Plan have turned to motion furniture, with silky smooth electric motors offering genuine relaxation & the bold claim that the tailoring on a G Plan recliner sets it apart from all the others. A range of superb co-ordinated recliner chairs has been introduced so you can really sit back & put your feet up.

So, while we are aware that G Plan styling is not to everyone's taste, if you are looking for sofas and chairs that have a rich English heritage, is designed to give exceptional comfort & support, made by skilled craftsmen in the UK using the finest materials, then G Plan is well worth a second look.

As the wheel turns full circle, so G Plan continues to invent by revisiting their furniture origins with the relaunch of G Plan cabinet and an exciting collaboration with Jay Blades from BBC series The Repair Shop, to reinvent G Plan vintage furniture. So watch this space...

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11th December 2022

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