New Himolla recliners at the Old Creamery

New Himolla recliners at the Old Creamery

If you haven’t already heard the name Himolla, you’ll certainly want to experience the luxurious comfort of their recliner chairs and sofas.

The largest upholstery company in Germany, their products are engineered and built to the very highest of specifications – exactly what you would expect from German manufacturing.

So whether you are looking to treat yourself to the ultimate luxury chair, or if you are wanting the best in ergonomic design, with support for your lower & middle back as well as shoulders and neck, Himolla is the quality recliner furniture brand for you to consider at the Old Creamery.  We like to call it the ‘German definition of comfort.’

We’ve been busy adding to our already extensive Himolla gallery here at our main Yeovil showroom.  The latest group to arrive on the showroom floor is the BrentBrennard & Brock

Currently featuring in Himolla’s national advertising across the Sunday newspapers and magazines like the Radio Times, this group provides a wide-range of options with all the usual refinements.

The Brent is known as a ‘wall hugger,’ so can be positioned next to a wall, thus saving vital room space, whilst still allowing for reclining.  Available in different sizes, you can also choose between manual and electric recline.  One feature we particular like on the sofa is the adjustable arms, which are just right to find a comfortable position for an afternoon nap.

The Brennard comes in the same size options as the Brent – and can also be ordered as a ‘wall hugger’ – but has twin motors so provides a different reclining experience.  As with any chair or sofa, we always recommend a visit to our main Yeovil showroom to try out the comfort of a Himolla recliner for yourself. 

The Brock is a luxurious chair offer, designed to beautifully complement the Brent and Brennard.  With a number of different sizes and base options available, not to mention the full Himolla leather swatch to choose a leather cover from, ask one of our Himolla experts to help you customise your chair to your specific requirements.

In addition to this new 3 product group, we have added a number of Tobi reclining chairs.  A truly versatile chair, with 6 different size options all offered at the same price, this Himolla chair once again provides the definition of comfort.  Why not treat yourself to an electric recliner chair, which features 3 motors – operating the back, integrated footrest and neck rest – ensuring you can relax in the perfect position for you

Aside from these new models, we still have Himolla’s UK best-selling Rhine group for you to consider when you visit.  Number two in terms of nationwide sales is the Chester, which is again on display within our Himolla gallery at our main Yeovil showroom.

So whilst the Himolla brand might be something of a best kept secret, we recommend experiencing the ‘German definition of comfort’ at the Old Creamery.    

12th February 2016

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