Harrison Spinks Pillowtop Beds

Luxury pillowtop mattresses, made in the UK.

Pillowtop beds are perfect for customers who enjoy the feeling of a topper but would like the benefits of this being built into the mattress.

Harrisons pillowtop mattress feature 3400 Eco-Spring Cortec springs, with Microlution and HD springs in the topper section.

With the ability to choose from gentle, medium or firm tensions to the springs, Harrison pillowtop beds & mattresses, can be tailored to meet most levels of support and comfort.

Operating since 1889, Harrison is a family-run firm that pride themselves on the quality of their product and manufacturing. Combining the finest materials with a passion for British quality, every Harrison bed is uniquely hand crafted to provide the best possible comfort.

The correct level of support is what makes a comfortable mattress, this is individual to every person so it is vital to visit our Yeovil furniture store to pick you correct tension for you.

Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.