New bed gallery in Yeovil store

New bed gallery in Yeovil store

Out with the old and in with the new.

With the recommend replacement age of a bed or mattress at 8-10 years, does yours need replacing?

In our Yeovil furniture store, we have just replaced our displays of Harrison Spinks & Somnus beds, so now is a great time to visit, try them for comfort and see if your old bed need replacing.

Some of the most popular beds in store now.

Harrison Spinks Diamond Bed


Somnus Marquis bed

Somnus Marquis luxury bed

Trying before buying if very important when choosing your new bed.

The correct level of support is what makes a comfortable mattress, this is individual to every person so it is vital to visit our Yeovil furniture store to pick you correct tension for you.


Mattress too firm.

Mattress too firm

Mattress too soft.

Mattress too soft


Mattress just right.

Mattress just right

20th December 2019

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